Magma Projects provides Project Management services to help companies successfully realize internal lead projects that deliver results.
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Our Role

We are Business Project Managers. We help companies to understand their issues, crystallise and define their ideas, frame a project around them and deliver measurable results. Effective project management is the basis for achieving one's full potential now and to prepare for future challenges. In fact, a broad range of managerial problems can be successfully addressed using our project approach.


When it comes to good ideas, we find that in 9 times out of 10 the best ones already exist within the client's organisation - they just need to be brought to the surface and acted upon. Failing to identify these good ideas, or to follow up on them when they have been identified, is the single largest challenge in a mid-size to large company.  

Magma Projects ensures that the client can navigate the path from idea to implementation with confidence. We cull our experience in a range of industries to bring best practices to each project we participate in. We work at every level in the company to "follow the facts" and bring about improvements.  Our experience with this approach, which bridges levels and departments, means we are as comfortable with the operator and supervisor as we are with the staff or the leadership.  

Our methodology and emphasis on behavioural change in people to create sustainable change means that the whole organisation will be improved when you achieve the goals of the project.  This commitment to the customer's people means that we are just starting when other change managers are finishing.  We do not just hand over a series of recommendations and hold a few courses telling supervisors and operators what to do, we stay with them on the floor and in meetings coaching, advising and encouraging until tools are solidly in place.  The results our projects have had have invariably had knock-on effects as colleagues emulate and learn from the original projects participants.

We have experience supporting organisations of different sizes, in different industries and in a variety of countries.   » Clients

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