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Changing behavior

Changing behavior is not accomplished simply by fait, but rather through the involvement of the parties influenced. Sustainable results are only possible through behavorial changes, changes in the way we are thinking, changes in the way we are working and changes in the way we are monitoring. In today's business environment, change is the only constant.



Behavorial changes and sustainability

Only through real involvement, focused coaching and support of your employees will you be able to achieve sustainable results. Magma Projecs focuses most of our efforts on your employees, making sure that openness to change is not only a short term effect, but internalised as a way of working.


How often ... 
...have you defined a strategy and nothing has happened?
...have you had training but nothing changed on the floor?
...have you trained employees in advanced problem-solving techniques and yet face
   the same old problems?
...has your new hi tech reporting system failed to help you take decisions?
...has your tantric awareness coaching session delivered results to your bottom line?



That's the danger of looking at projects from only one angle. At Magma Projects we are fluent in the technical and tactical approaches to project management. We use robust tools & methodologies to keep a handle on what needs to be done and use a participation oriented approach to mobilise the workforce so things do change. Often it's not what you do that's unique, it's the way you do it that separates you from the competition. Our job is to insure that your firm embraces continuous change and "do it" better. Since we concentrate our efforts on real problems, tasks and communication our results are measurable and delivered now, not in some ill-defined, long-term future.



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